Big Bird Products proudly presents the “New” Bird Shoulder Cape, made of poly/cotton prints, which are durable/washable fabrics with a cream colored poly/cotton lining. We designed the shoulder cape for long comfort and protective wear, while going about your daily routine.

It has a heavy Velcro fastener in the front and 2 “D” shape rings sewn on for interchanging bird toys and easy cleaning. There is a “treat pocket” for storing your bird’s favorite snack.

We also offer a 20 inch Lanyard for use “only” with the bird shoulder cape. It is just long enough to allow the bird to maneuver across the owner's shoulders and be able to reach the toys and “treat pocket’.

The Lanyard has a slide leg hoop to fit most birds.

* Quakers * Conures * Ringnecks * Amazon * Grays * MaCaws * Cockatoos * Eclectus *

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Cape #009 - Jungle Cape
Price: 16.95
Cape #005 - Dirty Bird Cape
Price: 16.95
Cape #006 - Dirty Bird Cape with Poop Catcher
Price: 16.95
Arm Perch #011 - Arm Bird Perch
Price: 15.95
Arm Perch
Sizes Available: Small, Meduim & Large

Lanyard #004 - 20" Lanyard for Cape

Price: 6.95

The New Bird Seed Cleaner
Our NEWEST Product- Bird Seed Cleaner






The Seed Cleaner is State of the Art and a "must have" item for owners with 2 birds or bird breeders with 200 or more pairs of birds. They are quiet, efficient and self-contained: NO OTHER PARTS TO BUY. It will cut your bird food bill in 1/2. Don't throw your food or money $$$ away....recycle! Birds waste over 75% of their food. Seed Cleaners are made of 1/4" durable PVC with a powerful 70 cfm brushless motor that will clean small or large volumes of ANY size food from Finch to Macaw; from millet to bite size chunks. Plugs into any electrical outlet and click on lighted LED "ON" is that easy to operate and start saving money! Waste, chaff, hull, shells and crumbs fall into the window chamber on the left side of unit, so that you can see when the waste chamber is full. The Seed Cleaner Ultimate comes with attachments: wall hanger bracket and clear container that attaches to the bottom of unit to collect cleaned food.
The "Ultimate" in convenience and ease for cleaning your bird's food.

Dimensions are 11 x 24 x 5.5

Price: $249.99                            Shipping: $20

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Item # 301

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All Products are non-toxic and bird safe

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