Big Bird Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated company with 12 avian companions. The members of our avian family are "MoJo" , our scarlett macaw, "Lady Bird", female Vos eclectus, "Ratallouie", the male Solomon eclectus, "Booger Bear", the yellow nape amazon, ( McCloud ) the Goffin, “Peppermint” rosebreasted cockatoo, "Leonard”, white bellied caique, “Fancy” my linnie, “Chewbaca” parrotlet, "Digger” African Grey, "Flyboy", my Cape parrot and "Big Bird" our quaker and co-founders. They are our test team for all of our products and have given the products their "stamp of approval". They are especially fond of the toys on their capes, which can be interchanged periodically with their favorite small toys to prevent boredom.

The capes were developed in the hope that more bird owners will be able to take their birds outside for short walks with them.  The 20" Lanyard was developed for just such a purpose.  If the bird gets frightened, by a dog or whatever reason, while walking around the block with me, it only falls to my waist where it can be retrieved safely and returned to my shoulder. 

We hope to see more of our feathered friends travelling safely on their owners' shoulders in the future.

Big Bird Products proudly presents the “New” Bird Shoulder Cape, and Arm Perch. Capes are made of poly/cotton, which are durable/washable fabrics with a cream colored poly/cotton lining. We designed the shoulder cape for long comfort and protective wear, while going about your daily routine. Arm Perch are made of lighty padded quilting material

It has a heavy Velcro fastener in the front and 2 “D” shape rings sewn on for interchanging bird toys and easy cleaning. There is a “treat pocket” for storing your bird’s favorite snack. Arm Perch also has D ring attached for toys or Lanyard.

We also offer a 20 inch Lanyard for use “only” with the bird shoulder cape. It is just long enough to allow the bird to maneuver across the owner's shoulders and be able to reach the toys and “treat pocket’.

The Lanyard has a slide leg hoop to fit most birds.

Do you wear your heart
on your shoulder, or up a tree?
(See Video)

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