Just wanted to let you know that I received the seed cleaner in great condition.

I really appreciate you custom making the hook on the back, and tray to catch

the seed on the bottom for the large seed cleaner, I upgraded to. It is wonderful,

and works great. It was very nice of you to go to the trouble to do that and then

mail it to me.

Thanks again. Shonnie Martin


Hello La Nelle and Bruce

Your seed cleaner works well. Great job Bruce. You created a winner here You

produced a solution to a problem. Did a superior job. and I might add at a

resonable price. I'm impressed with the quality of the finished product. I like it

Very glad I bought it. A real time saver along with putting money back into my

pocket. Can't beat that. It's made bird keeping a whole lot easier. Thanks

From the State of Washington

Edward Wilus


Hello, I just purchased the small seed cleaner at the Pensacola, Fl bird show.

I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I have used it several times

already and Wow I cannot believe how much seed and pellets my 2 feather

friends were wasting! This product is soeasy and fun to use my yougest

daughter ( age 6 ) lovesto clean the seed. Thanks again for a great product that

is gonna pay for itself in no time at all.

Mike McDuffie

I still LOVE my Seed Cleaner. It has paid for itself many times over 

Kathy Byars Davis

Fast shipping, great product quality, really over the top!

Alex Cubilla


Cool item, works great. I am excited to see how much it saved me.

Chet from eBay

Just wanted to let you know that I received the seed cleaner yesterday. 

It was in great shape from the shipping and I took it right to my seed shed 

and used it.  Very happy with what I see. 

Thank you and have a great Christmas.  

 Dick Wilson
I love my seed saver! I use it every other day and I am very pleased with the 

obvious savings that will accumulate. 

Thank you for shipping and I send blessings to you and your husband for a 

very happy new year.

Patti Braswell

Your new seed cleaner is AMAZING.  It's quiet, easy to use, powerful and very 

durable. I would go through 100 pounds of finch seed every month and your 

seed cleaner has cut that bill in HALF. As a breeder and pet store owner it   

is a must for saving money. I use it every day and it keeps running great. 

Thanks a million! 
Rhondas Aviary

 Milton, FL 

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